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Gender identity has got nothing to do with being lesbian or gay

For many South Africans, issues around sexual orientation and gender identity are confusing and often difficult to discuss and address. So, when ECF was asked to present a workshop at The Higher Education and Training HIV/AIDS (HEAIDS) conference in June 2017 in Durban, it presented the perfect opportunity to assist in debunking some myths and raising awareness on such issues.

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311 Nurses Trained by ECF

According to UNAIDS, South Africa has one of the highest HIV infection rates in the world with approximately 7 million people living with HIV. The country is also home to one of the largest ART programmes in the world.

Due to a shortage of doctors, over-congestion at hospitals and Primary Health Care (PHC) re-engineering, there is a shift in strategy to decentralise ART administration from hospitals to PHC clinics where nurses initiate eligible patients on ART.

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In late 2013, ECF was contracted by Gauteng’s Department of Social Development to assess children aged 1 to 5 years who attended Department-registered Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres. The aim was to establish a baseline of growth parameters and to determine the ongoing physical and cognitive development of children who attended ECD centres, with a view to identifying potential problems and lapses in services which the Department would thereafter need to remedy.

To carry out such assessments, ECF designed evaluation tools aimed at determining the social circumstances in which that child is being raised. A creche questionnaire was also developed to provide information on the types of intervention the crèche provided, the kind of support they receive from the department as well as the total number of children who attend the creche. These tools were designed by a team of medical doctors, a specialist paediatrician, medical scientists, epidemiologists, statisticians and social workers.

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ECF Lauches Consultancy Services In Disability And Rehabilitation

As an organisation working towards the promotion of better quality health care in South Africa, ECF is pleased to announce it now also offers consultancy services in rehabilitation and disability.


With a highly skilled team of professional experts, ECF can assist your organisation’s disability and rehab requirements by offering the following:

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Implementation Evaluation of The Ex-Mineworker Project

Broad Overview:

A historically fragmented response to services for mineworkers and ex-mineworkers in Southern Africa has meant that the biggest challenge facing many has been compensation of ex-mineworkers for compensable diseases suffered while working in the mines. Despite the Occupational Diseases in Mines and Works Act (ODMWA) which makes it a statutory right for any person who has worked at a mine to be medically examined to determine existence of a compensable disease, many ex-mineworkers especially in rural areas had not undergone such medical examinations to enable the compensation process to take place.

As a result, in 2008, a R42 million project supported by involving the Chamber of Mines, SA Department of Health, and National Union of Mineworkers was established to improve the delivery of medical services for miners and to ensure that ex-mineworkers are given medical examinations and assistance in claiming any compensation due to them.

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